Brian Newberry

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Methodist Family Health
I began my employment at MFH in 2004.  My responsibilities include developing a web based super-system tracking every employee and client throughout our 50+ location, state-wide agency where we treated over seven thousand five hundred unique patients during 2017.  Before I could begin this project I needed to learn ASP and SQL. With my background in numerous languages, I was able to pick this up in a week.  In addition, my primary task was to replace our previous EMR which was a DOS based green screen hidden F-key Easter egg hunt and about 100 Excel spreadsheets.  I was able to write an EMR comprehensive enough to replace all of these within 6 months, hand coding every single line.
In August 2010 we went live with CareLogic.  Since then I have supported the existing systems (including continuing the legacy EMR I wrote) as well as producing all reporting needs for CareLogic which to date have accounted for more than 250 reports.

Prior to working at MFH I taught college for two years with a focus on programming however I also covered many other subjects.  From this experience I learned how to break complex problems down to their basic components, say the same thing 10 different ways until it was understood, and use everyday comparisons rather than talking over someone's head. 

·         Partnership Advisory Board Committee member since 2013
·         Reporting Partnership Committee Chair since 2013
·         Multiple college degrees including programming
·         10+ years of database programming with SQL (MS, Oracle, and Postgres), MySQL, and Access
·         First CareLogic customer to use Pentaho 3.8
·         Beta member: Pentaho 5.0, Pentaho 6.1, and Financial reporting
·         31 years programming, 13+ professionally
·         Languages: ASP, PHP, DHTML, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
·         Development Environments: Dreamweaver, MS Office, Visual Basic, Photoshop, and Paint Shop Pro
·         Operating Systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, 3.1x, and Mac iOS (desktop, iPhone, and iPad)
·         Web Servers: IIS and Apache
·         Accurate keyboard typist 95 wpm, maximum 105 wpm

·         Speaker at Qualifacts C3 conferences.  Co-presenter with Joe Dickason for Advanced Pentaho Reports in 2012 and co-presenter with Nikki Patel, Steve Walton, and Colby Sowell 2017.
·         Employee of the Month award for June 2002.  Nominated Employee of the Year 2011.
·         Developed numerous web sites for small groups/entertainment and businesses.
·         Attending and presenting training in-services on classroom instruction and teaching techniques - 'teaching the teachers'.